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Machine Learning Course in Nucleus Classes

Join our Machine Learning Course in Bhilai using Python and R program and learn to script winning Machine Learning algorithms in Python and R.

  1. Get Trained by Trainers from ISB, IIT & IIM
  2. 24 Hours of Intensive Classroom & Online Sessions
  3. 60+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  4. 2 Capstone Live Projects
  5. Receive Certificate from Technology Leader - IBM
  6. Job Placement Assistance

"As one of the hottest aspects of computer science, the Machine Learning market is projected to grow from $7.3 billion in 2020 to $30.8 billion in 2024."- (Source). Look around and you will see we are amidst the perfect storm for the growth in the field of Machine Learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence are going to change the way we interact with everything in our environment. Both technologies when coupled together aid in processing operations with the utmost accuracy. Industries around the world, have realized the prospects of Machine Learning and are adopting it as a core technology. With new advancements in this field, Machine Learning is extensively implemented to make predictions and get valuable insight into business decisions and operations. So, grab hold of your business class ticket and soar into the most exciting careers in data analysis with the Machine Learning Course in Nucleus Classes.

Machine Learning

Data science is an amalgam of methods derived from statistics, data analysis, and machine learning that are trained to extract and analyze huge volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Total Duration

  1. 3 months


  1. Computer Skills
  2. Basic Mathematical Knowledge
  3. Basic Data Science Concepts

Overview of Machine Learning Course in Nucleus Classes

This Machine Learning course in Bhilai is structured to impart machine learning skills using the two most popular programming languages Python and R. This course enables the student to perform Data Wrangling, Data Cleansing and Data Mining (Supervised and Unsupervised) on structured as well as unstructured data. Python and R can be used as statistical software to develop regression analysis algorithms and other statistical computations in machine learning. Apprehend different machine learning algorithms like Black Box techniques, Neural Networks, and Support Vector Machines. The students will be able to build prediction models with Amazon Machine Learning Services in the best machine learning course in Bhilai. Present reports to management with Data Visualization software, Tableau.

This course in Bhilai covers all the basic as well as advanced concepts of ML with hands-on experience with live projects that will allow you to work and gain experience on the real-time practical concepts. This training will help you skyrocket in your Artificial Intelligence career with the twin engines of Python and R programming. Join our Machine Learning using Python and R program and learn to script winning Machine Learning algorithms in Python and R. Use Python and R to enable regression analysis and to build predictive models. Orient yourself with Black Box techniques like Neural Networks and SVM in the best machine learning course in Nucleus Classes.

What is Machine Learning?

Every time we create new technology, we create a bigger buzz. Two major technologies sweeping the market are Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML). Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on designing systems that enable a machine to perform tasks without explicit coding. All the Artificial Intelligence advancements we hear about and the applications we see are all a result of Machine Learning Algorithms. Machine-learning Algorithms use a huge amount of data and statistics to find patterns and inferences it collects from the statistical models and complex algorithms.

Learning Outcomes of Machine Learning Training

Machine Learning is a process that uses Artificial intelligence to facilitate learning by creating an experience for the machines. This process starts with feeding good data into the machine and then training the machines with the help of various machine learning models and different algorithms. It can handle any amount of data by setting up cloud solutions and data centers. This way it saves time and allows organizations to use the relevant data for better efficiency. Machine Learning is making quite an impact and has managed to grab the attention of many companies, because of its powerful computational processing abilities, continuously filtering the growing volumes of huge data sets, and offering affordable data storage options. In this course, the students will be exposed to the landscape of Machine Learning and its archetype of supervised and unsupervised learning. Students will explore the process of investigating data to solve predictive tasks, such as speech recognition, object recognition, automatic algorithm configuration, time series forecasting, machine translation, and much more. Students will also understand the popular machine learning approaches and the underlying mathematical relationships between the various algorithms. This course will also give students a chance to understand the fundamental issues and challenges of machine learning which include data, model selection, and model complexity. Further, explore how to-

  1. BBecome familiar with analyzing data, computing statistical measures along with Data Wrangling, Data Cleansing, Data Manipulation, etc.
  2. Become familiar with Machine Learning algorithms including Black Box techniques such as Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine
  3. Become familiar with Regression algorithms and the application of Python, R as statistical software in Machine Learning and Data Science
  4. BBuild predictive models using Amazon Machine Learning Services
  5. Be able to create Data Visualization, Data Manipulation in different forms and draw meaningful business insights from the underlying data

Course Modules of Machine Learning Training in Nucleus Classes

Each module encapsulates the essential tools to impart machine learning skills using the two most popular programming languages Python and R. You will learn how to establish a gateway between different databases with R and Python and also how to connect to external sources of data. One of the major modules of Data Science is Machine Learning. Learn about the various modules that make up Machine Learning using the two most popular tools R and Python. As a data scientist one will be engaged in a multitude of data mining techniques in both supervised and unsupervised learning. One of the major variants of the same is reinforcement learning that enables machines to learn through rewards. Get introduced to all the supervised techniques of prediction and classification; learn about the major unsupervised learning methods and the application of reinforcement learning in Data Mining.

NEET Qualifiers
AIIMS Qualifier